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Customized Clear Braces

Grand Rapids, MI Orthodontists

A spin on traditional metal braces, LightForce customized clear braces are the world’s only 3D printed braces made just for you. Our Grand Rapids, MI, orthodontists use entirely digital planning software to create your personalized treatment plan and develop unique, made-to-order brackets. You can also feel more confident while wearing braces as the brackets are printed using a material designed to match your natural tooth shade.

Custom Lightforce Clear Braces Grand Rapids Mi Orthodontist

What Are LightForce Clear Braces?

LightForce braces offer a new and innovative approach to orthodontic treatment with their patented 3D technology. Instead of using pre-made clear or metal brackets, LightForce braces are custom printed to fit each tooth perfectly. This translates to a more efficient and comfortable patient experience.

Dr. Miller believes that one form of treatment does not fit every patient as different orthodontic needs exist. LightForce clear brackets subscribe to that belief and are designed around teeth so they can be placed wherever they’re needed most. They are also made from 100% ceramic polycrystalline alumina which blends in discreetly when you speak, eat, or smile.

How Are These Braces Different From Metal Braces?

The biggest difference between the two treatment options is the brackets. Regular metal braces are incredibly effective but are not as customizable as LightForce braces. Thanks to the flexibility of LightForce 3D printed brackets, Dr. Miller can conveniently map out the best path to a healthy smile based on your unique needs.

Though they aren’t stainless steel, the 3D brackets created for each patient still provide the strength and precision required to gradually move your teeth into position over time. The brackets also use an indirect bonding process. This means they’re first “placed” on a model of your teeth, fit into trays before they’re sealed and cured, and are finally bonded directly to your actual teeth.

With this process, it’s possible to place an entire set of upper and lower braces in less than an hour. In other words, that’s time saved for everyone involved – orthodontist and patient!

Benefits of LightForce Customized Clear Braces

There are several benefits to choosing LightForce clear braces and those include:

  • Patient-specific brackets tailored to your dental anatomy.
  • Fast and accurate treatment planning which equates to beautiful results in less time.
  • Not mass-produced like metal braces which require brackets to be placed one at a time on each tooth.
  • Tooth-colored brackets allow for a more toned down appearance.
  • Treatment is personalized much like with Invisalign® clear aligners but without the removable trays.

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Do you want braces but aren’t quite sold on the traditional metal option? Our orthodontists in Grand Rapids, MI, offer customized clear braces that feature 3D printed brackets specially tailored for your smile. Call Miller Orthodontics today at (616) 942-9320 to learn more and request an appointment.

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