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iTero® Digital Impression System

Grand Rapids, MI Orthodontists

You won’t find messy or goopy impressions at our Grand Rapids orthodontics office. Our orthodontists and staff instead use an iTero® digital scanner to create 3D images of your mouth in just a few minutes. Highly effective for treatment planning, our iTero digital scanner ensures a more accurate impression from the start thus translating into an improved patient experience.

Itero Digital Impression System Grand Rapids Mi Orthodontist

What Does an iTero Digital Scanner Do?

In short, iTero digital scanners serve the same purpose as traditional dental impressions but are much more simplified in their process. Instead of using trays and putty-like material, the iTero scanner uses a handheld wand to digitally capture the structure of the teeth and gums. 

All we need to do in order to take impressions is move the wand around your mouth and the images are displayed on a nearby computer screen in real time. The laser being emitted from the wand is safe, radiation-free, and capable of rendering a 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures in only a couple minutes.

How Does an iTero Scanner Compare to Traditional Impressions?

The old technique of taking dental impressions is not enjoyable for the patient and can lead to rejected, broken, or misplaced results that then often have to be retaken. Let’s be honest, no one wants to feel as though they have a huge piece of gum stuffed in their mouth. 

The iTero digital scanner, on the other hand, is clean, straightforward, and detailed in the scans it produces. Better scans from the beginning translate into an improved orthodontic experience as our orthodontists are able to pinpoint exactly what patients need most for a beautiful, healthy smile.

What Are Digital Impressions Used For?

At Miller Orthodontics, we use digital impressions created by the iTero scanner to plan out all forms of orthodontic treatment. That includes:

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Thanks to our iTero digital scanner, you no longer have to dread having impressions taken! Whenever our orthodontists in Grand Rapids, MI, need an accurate image of your teeth and jaw there will be no trays or putty involved. Call Miller Orthodontics at (586) 752-3589 or request an appointment online today.

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