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Lingual Braces

Grand Rapids, MI Orthodontists

Lingual braces utilize traditional metal brackets and wires but instead of being affixed to the front of teeth, they are placed on the back. This makes them nearly invisible when you smile so you can progress throughout treatment in a less obvious way. The metal components of lingual braces are also customized by our Grand Rapids, MI, orthodontists to match the shape of your teeth.

Here’s what you need to know about lingual braces.

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What Are Lingual Braces?

Considered a type of “invisible braces”, lingual braces are not seen by others as easily as metal braces or self-ligating braces. The brackets, wires, and elastic bands are all mounted to the backs of your teeth so unless you open your mouth really wide, they are not visible. 

As with other forms of orthodontic treatment, there are advantages to having lingual braces adhered by our orthodontist. Those include:

  • Customized Design: Using computer-aided technology, the brackets for lingual braces can be customized to reduce overall discomfort, speaking, and chewing issues. 
  • Nearly Invisible: When smiling or speaking, friends, family, and co-workers will not be able to see the brackets and wires located on the backsides of your teeth.
  • Effective: Lingual braces operate in a similar fashion as traditional metal braces and can fix varying degrees of misaligned, crooked, and crowded teeth.
  • Minor Lifestyle Changes: If you play a woodwind or brass musical instrument, regular braces placed on the front of your teeth can get in the way of your playing. With lingual braces, no changes have to be made to your lip or mouth positions when practicing or performing thanks to their unique placement.

Lingual braces may not be right for everyone. Before they are chosen, we will evaluate your entire mouth and consider the dental problems that require correction. If you’re interested in a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment option but do not want metal brackets or wires whatsoever, our orthodontists may recommend Invisalign® clear aligners

Who Would Benefit from Lingual Braces?

Because of how they are designed and their discreet appeal, lingual braces are best for patients who feel self-conscious about obvious metal in their mouth. Individuals who play certain types of instruments and those in a highly visible profession, such as acting, public speaking, or performing, would also benefit from lingual braces. 

Are Lingual Braces Uncomfortable?

All types of braces will take some getting used to. Mild discomfort is common for a few days after braces are put on by our orthodontists and after periodic adjustments are made, but will subside. 

Lingual braces are unique in that they are closer to the tongue. This placement can present an issue other orthodontic patients may not have and will require time to overcome. You may notice a slight lisp when talking or minor tongue discomfort. Both will resolve on their own after some time. 

Our orthodontists and staff will make sure you are taken care of during and after the installation of your lingual braces. If you experience any pain and need an adjustment made, we would be happy to accommodate you. 

Explore Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

Our orthodontists in Grand Rapids, MI, can work with you to determine which of our orthodontic services would work best for your situation. Lingual braces are a great nearly invisible option that is quite effective at straightening teeth and making noticeable changes to your smile. Call Miller Orthodontics at (616) 942-9320 or request an appointment online today. 

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